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    Thanks to the lower aspect ratio and reduced cell number, it’s even easier to fly, lighter and more compact. 3. The Puma is light enough to take on the trail, and fast enough to bag record-breaking XCs. Comfort at the level of heavier alternatives and beyond. Like its predecessor, the Lightness 3 comes with a compress bag to fold the glider compact, and the “very comfortable” Lightpack 3 rucksack. Leicht Gurtzeug Hike&Fly Woody Valley Wani light M . Designed for maximum comfort while either flying or hiking. She enjoys flying acro, coastal soaring, hike-and-fly and quietly floating around in beautiful places such as Europe, Turkey, Morocco, Brazil, South Africa and Kyrgyzstan. Precise steering, stable flight, great performance. 28 Jun 2019 The ultralight paragliding revolution has produced some amazing gear, but can it be too light? experiments with a mountaineering setup in preparation for a hike -and-fly race. The ultralight paragliding revolution has produced some amazing gear, but can it be too light? You can now get harnesses of 300 grams! But what is it like to SOL Hike & Fly Reversible Harness . PARAGLIDING RUN&FLY – GOPRO MAX and NOVA BANTAM 12 m2 Theo de blic 6010 Abonnenten A nice and relaxing run&fly day at home, from my flat to the top of the mountain and back. Reversible harness - now available in 2 sizes. 1 kg / size 17). 28 kg / 9lb 7oz. Our FlySpain shop has a selction of entry level wings and harness combos that would suit every pilot getting into hike and fly paragliding. Offering new standards of comfort and quality. Thanks to this material and therefore weight savings reversible harnesses are popular with mountain climbers and paratrekkers. The DOUBLESKIN is the lightest paraglider in the world* with top and under surface (2. Kortel Design - Kortel Karver. Here is our favorite way to fit your entire paragliding kit into a standard paraglider backpack. Aug 21, 2019 · Designed for hike-and-fly and certified EN B, Mac Para’s Outback is a one-size-fits-all 21m² lightweight paraglider with a huge 50kg weight range. Reversible Harness-Rucksack: Less than 2 Kg. KG Paragliding equipment since 1990 | 87637 Eisenberg , Germany | tel +49 (0)8364 98 33 - 0 Hike Fly, is a French shop of paragliding equipment. Speed flying - Hike and Fly. 2. Today a light "hike and fly" glider, harness and reserve parachute setup can weigh under 3kg! Tandem paragliding flights involve our "students" (passengers) being securely strapped into a comfortable harness in front of the pilot. Guided mountain hike with your personal instructor. Want expert help choosing the right and best   Convertible paragliding harnesses-rucksacks (reversible paragliding harness and rucksack in one) for paragliding (PG), free flight, paramotoring, powered paragliding (PPG), Want expert help choosing the right and best gear for YOU? . 00 Live stock status. 5. The harness is very adjustable and quite durable. The HIKE harness is our latest ultra-light, reversible harness/backpack. Cross Country. We are the US importer for Advance Paragliders, GIN Gliders, NOVA Wings, High Adventure Beamer Reserves, Companion Reserves, SupAir Harnesses and Naviter Oudie Instruments. Your paragliding harness is probably one of the most important part of your set of paragliding gear. The X-Dreamer is our new modern open harness. Vincent-les-Forts in France. Whether you're into hike 'n fly, para-alpinism or just simple flights on a trip away, the Yeti So the next time you encounter great flying conditions, you can enjoy them for Our hike and fly harness XX'Light with weight of <800 gram combines modern best manufacturing, durable materials and highest comfort. Hike is an extremely light, yet comfortable, reversible harness. Paragliding is one of the most popular ways to fly and is great for beginners. It has a very small pack size and is a delight in the air thanks to better aerodynamics compared to a single-surface wing. The Gin Yeti Convertible 2 is a lightweight reversible paragliding harness with split legs, ideal for hike'n'fly, para-alpinism, travel, and soaring. SupAir Everest 3 Harness S/M The Lightest Harness for kiting or Hike and Fly. It provides great movement space and an upright seating position to achiev The Yeti 5 is our hike 'n fly wing re-imagined. From the beginner to the expert, find all paragliders, saddles, parachutes and accessories; as well as all the paragliding pack. You also get to choose between the foam protection and the new inflatable protection. Ozone Atak / Hike and glide The Atak Harness was developed specifically for speed-flying with the help of Pierre Bouiloux of Sup GIN Yeti Xtrem 2 Ultralight Paragliding Harness. You will also find information on the latest sails out and can come and test the equipment at our shop. New pod-harness Sector Race 2. AXESS 4. SkyGuru XC Light offers nothing less. The challenge pushes athletes to their physical and mental limits: The climb up the 1,491-metre high Zwölferkopf and the action-packed flight to the valley are a test All kinds of paragliding harnesses from the best paraglider harness manufacturers, for all kinds and levels of paraglider pilot, including entry level first-buy harnesses, sports XC (cross country) harnesses, competition harnesses (with pod / speedbag for legs), aerobatic / Acro paragliding harnesses, lightweight / mountain paragliding harnesses (hike & fly), reversible paragliding harness Sup’Air Radical Harness This ultralight paragliding harness is ideally suited for Hike-and-Fly Mountaineering. Tandem Paragliding, Dune/Beach flying, and Training/Kiting. Paragliding Hike and fly harness Options . I'm looking for a great all around harness that I can use for hike and fly, speed flying, kiting. If weight  Results 1 - 13 of 23 Best Match Paragliding, Paramotor, Paraglider, kiting ground handling harnesses - $850 without reserve Gin Yeti Xtreme 2 - hike and fly . Hammock type. It is great for sand dune soaring, ground handling, side hill landing and flying. A standard hike and fly kit weighs around 10-12kg, including wing, harness, reserve, backpack, helmet, and even clothes! This means that you can hike up to takeoff or take public transportation, even if it’s an overfilled Indian bus. Just out, but already highly praised by pilots using the harness. The new Skin 3 brings together the best of two worlds, and for the first time a single-surface glider offers the characteristics and flying comfort comparable to a conventional paraglider. 2020. The Konvers 2 offers unlimited possibilities for your adventures. This works even if you have a full size, full feature harness with back protection. The harness is now available in two sizes. See all ads from Hike & Fly The Solos is designed for Hike & Fly pilots who carry a bit more than a typical ultralight kit. Condition is "Used". 1 for the efficient cross-country flying. S. This harness is without seat board. Only   Harnesses. published on 01-18-2021. Split legs carefully crafted, and ergonomic back support will ensure relaxed flying, hiking or just ground handling wings. The harness is lightweight, has plenty of room, easy to adjust, and comfortable to hike and fly. Designed for flying and hiking. The “Light Versatility” motto will carry even higher significance in this third generation: there are two additional 21 and 25 sizes for the PI 3, and it is even The paraglider is laid out on the ground at the top of the mountain on a gentle slope and facing into the wind. 5-3kg) compromise some aspects to achieve stripped down minimalism for hike-and-fly racing, expeditions or regular travelling. Paragliding helmet and harness and hiking backpack to carry the gear. The Ozium 2 is af lightweight XC pod harness for pilots who need a compact and lightweight solution for adventure flying. Sizes: XS 160-168 cm S 168-173 cm M 173-178 cm L 178-183 cm XL 183-188 cm XXL 188-195 cm You will get a lightweight pack of around ten kilos that will be great to fly and will do all things you want for it with free flight in mountains , soaring or thermalling. The Ozone switch can be used as an ultra light fast speed riding harness, all the way through to a full paragliding style harness. With the DOUBLESKIN walking up is as enjoyable as flying and landing! Paragliding is our passion and has been for over 20 years. Reversible harnesses (harness-&-rucksack-in-one), for those who want an integrated rucksack to save space and weight. No matter how high you fly or how far you go, with the Konvers 2 comfort and maneuverability are guaranteed at all times. With so many harnesses to choose from, we at Pikes Peak Paragliding, has chosen some of the best harnesses from the best manufacturers. 1 grams (size M), the F*Lite is designed specifically for the most serious hike & fly pilots and para-alpinists. Minuteman Drive #1 Draper, UT 84020 Hike is an extremely light, yet comfortable, reversible harness. Niviuk Konvers 2 Harness. 1,2,3: Take off! Taking off has never been easier. Acro paragliding harnesses, for freestyle and aerobatic flying. With this great glider you can fly your best XC in a relaxed way. You get the best discount we can give you according to the brand and the Pack 2 = paraglider + harness / harness + reserve / paragl version of best selling Sector Race. The pilot is connected to the paraglider with a special harness. 7kg and can be flown at 55kg to 105kg all up. The Harness is fully reversible into a sleek backpack. Of course, its behaviour is different depending on wing loading. Weight criteria (for medium size): Harness only: Less than 1. Have a couple of buddies that hike and fly with the Level Fusion and love it. Split legs carefully crafted, and ergonomic back support will insure relaxed flying and hiking. The Ozone Switch is the new and very versatile lightweight reversible harness, that crosses over. Since its introduction, the Verso has been one of the best selling harnesses in its class. 190,00 €. Tandem paragliding harnesses, for dual pilot and passenger, including kids harnesses. At our training school, safety is the number one priority. It is a harness fully dedicated to Hike & Fly competitions. The XEMA light is the light alternative to our proven XEMA reversible harness - perfect for “Hike and Fly “  The F*Lite is designed specifically for the most serious hike & fly pilots and para- alpinists. Ideal for  The Woody Valley GTO Light 2 is the best you can find for Hike and Fly and Cross Country, You can opt for any size rucksack regardless of harness sizing. Come and get a taste of the "second best thing you will ever do!" Join Parapax for an unforgettable experience. Mount Paragliding offers a great selection of paragliding harnesses to purchase. This new reversible harness from Niviuk allows you to transport your equipment in a spacious rucksack and to fly in the most comfortable and safe way. The “Light Versatility” motto will carry even higher significance in this third generation: there are two additional 21 and 25 sizes for the PI 3, and it is even You are here: / Ads / paragliding / harness. Shop all the best brands in one place. Ideal for speed flying and ridge soaring. The new model has even more passive safety and versatility thanks to the adjustable ABS, the detachable windshield, and elastic materials which are more resistant. The competition models feature a large aerodynamic fin at the rear (a lot of extra size for a small performance benefit), a place for a second reserve (mandatory for international level competitions The HIKE harness is Apco’s ultra-light, reversible harness/backpack. Hike & Fly Paraglider For years the PI series has offered the best Hike & Fly package in terms of lightness in combination with a lot of performance and a definite fun factor. The HIKE harness is our ultra-light, reversible harness/backpack. And on the other hand it once more improved the large and comfortable rucksack. This fascinating weight  Paragliding is a great meditation tool you can not think about anything else # suchet #jhf18 #takeoff #paragliding #switzerland #competition #hike #fly #jura In paragliding, it is imperative to use a connector adapted to the str 23 Nov 2017 Paul Guschlbauer's top 5 tips for hike-and-fly five top tips for a multi-day hike- and-fly adventure in the Alps – a great introduction to Ozone Switch paraglider harness · Ozone Switch “radically versati Great for long mountain treks and challenging XC flights. This reversible pod harness provides full protection and can be turned into a spacious backpack with one simple move. However, it is important to take into account the fact that there are different models of paragliding harnesses, being able to choose one depending on what use we are looking for, as well as the security that we want If you are human, leave this field blank. Looping is a light reversible harness, comfortable and fully-fledged. hike & fly paraglider For years the PI series has offered the best Hike & Fly package in terms of lightness in combination with a lot of performance and a definite fun factor. The paragliding harness is tied from the ends of the paragliding risers, through the carabiners in order to accomplish its task. Thanks to elaborate details such as fasteners for helmet and hiking poles it is an ideal harness for hike & fly and travel purposes. Great for long mountain treks and challenging XC flights. Pilot is a harness made for tandem paragliding pilots from 160 to 195cm. Hike & Fly Wings Filter + Sort by Price, low to high Price, high to low Title, A-Z Title, Z-A Date, old to new Date, new to old Best Selling Featured View Grid Hike is a light and comfortable reversible harness and is now available in two different sizes. The best choice for long routes or a bivouac camp. 5kg (size S-M) we managed to build a full harness. The F*Race is an ultralite hike and fly harness for pilots on serious backcountry missions. The Experience media package of HD videos and pictures transferred to client devise. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Icaro Apus Lightweight Hike and Fly Reversible Paragliding Harness Lightly Used at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products! PARAGLIDING RUN&FLY – GOPRO MAX and NOVA BANTAM 12 m2 369 16. Additionally the airbag protector has an excellent deceleration rate. The pilot can override the ABS settings during the flight with a minimum input: this allows him to change the harness feel after assessing the true weather conditions and according to the actual Hadron 3 is is a paraglider combining the best of Hadron XX and Hadron 1. It weighs just 2. The leg pads are super comfortable for long duration flights and the harness can take a real beating. the pack size was the reason I switched to the rad3 + backpack. The pilot sits in a harness or lies supine in a cocoon-like &# Amazon. The harness acts here also as a stuff sack for the complete equipment. Hoping for some feedback on my top picks as well as any suggestions on harnesses I may have missed in my research. ADVANCE PI 3 Light Versatility. STRAPLESS 2 - Ultralight Mountaineer The STRAPLESS 2 weighs a mere 195 grams and is designed for the hiker and mountaineer who does not compromise on weight and volume. Shipped with USPS Priority Mail. Thanks to huge improvements in gear design, paragliding and paramotoring are among the safest aviation sports today. The Ruffwear Doubleback™ is a full body dog lifting harness. Whether you are looking to buy a new paraglider, paramotor, harness, or resereve - we are here for you. Cocoon weighing 1kg IS possible! Paragliding is our sport and we enjoy it. Discover a new way to experience your cross-country adventures. DOUBLESKIN - Minimalist hike & fly. März 2020. Generous size glider bag and well-padded back support. Hike and Fly: Experience this fascinating combination of a mountain tour, hike, alpine tour or ski tour with a wonderful flight. High-End Seat Harness This website uses cookies to offer you the best experience on our website. Ozone Paragliding Harnesses. the Karver is much more than a speedriding harness. APCO HIKE REVERSIBLE LIGHT HARNESS – HIKE & FLY. For Hike and Fly, we prefer harnesses which are reversible backpack/ harnesses that have ample storage space for fitting your wing and gear. Back Ad # #10190. Oct 16, 2018 · The Connect Reverse 3 harmonises perfectly with the new generation of RAST gliders with its ideal balance between comfort and agility, making it the number one choice for anyone looking for a durable and comfortable harness for extended hike & fly tours, travelling, or simply for everyday flying. With only 1. 9 kN. If your a new pilot then the downsides are too much feeling and wobble in flight and a scarcity of back Hike Fly, is a French shop of paragliding equipment. Its astonishing level of comfort, its modularity and the feeling of freedom that it provides also make it ideal for standard paragliding usage. Its Pramotoring harness predominant back protection and Large Portion of the have airbag protectors under the seat and behind the back to reduce the influence on failed launching and landings . Allround Harness. Ozone Oxygen 1 harness Craig on 3rd Aug 2019 My favorite hike and fly harness. 5 Kg. Designed for maximum comfort Cocoon harness. For years the PI 3 eries has offered the best Hike & Fly package in terms of lightness is approved EN A This hybrid seat-board concept gets the best from a seat-board and a hammock harnesses. The Doubleback Harness is designed to safely lift and lower dogs in exposed areas, and is strength-rated to 2,000 lbf or 8. As rucksack Hike is large enough to carry the whole flight equipment. Achensee Xtreme – Hike & Fly on 2 October 2021 in Pertisau is a spectacular paragliding event featuring a climb to lofty heights followed by a paragliding flight to the valley. Its novel reverse system separates the rucksack completely from the airbag protector, which on one hand keeps the protector from damages during transport. 1. This split leg harness is more sturdy than all the others like it. Paragliding Bag ( ⭐TUBULAR TYPE ) ⭐BEST OFFER! for Paragliding Hike and Fly. in at only 102. Which paragliding harness is the best? Items 1 - 48 of 75 Harnesses · Sup Air Radical 3 · Kortel Kolibri Backpack with Optional Top Flap - 80/100L · Advance Progress 3 Reversible Harness · GIN Verso 3. © Copyright FlyLife Paragliding | All Rights Reserved | Privacy Policy | Terms & Conditions | Website Design by Missoula Paragliding Harness connected pilot’s paragliding & Hanggliding harness, perfectly suited for beginner or vacation or get-away pilots. So you can go as skinny as you like, there are options out there that are really minimalist, and they look appealing if packaged up with a lightweight wing about the size of someone's handbag. 4. Sky Country Sector Race 2. It is light enough for extended hike and fly trips, and its construction and the materials used guarantee durability and easy handling both on the ground and airborne. Lightweight harness for hike and fly. The concept of reversible harnesses dates back to the early days of paragliding. Hike & Fly EN/LTF B. Ever since, she spends a big chunk of her free time flying. SUCCESS 5. Mar 08, 2014 · This is a video review of the new reversible rucksack/harness, the Vice Versa, from Mcc Aviation. With only 1,5kg Hike is the ideal harness for Hike & Fly, travel and speed riding. Paragliding is the recreational and competitive adventure sport of flying paragliders: lightweight, free-flying, foot-launched glider aircraft with no rigid primary structure. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Icaro Apus Lightweight Hike and Fly Reversible Paragliding Harness Lightly Used at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products! It’s ideal for leisure pilots, hike ‘n fly pilots and travellers, yet is comfortable enough to be used on long cross-country flights and also has good safety features. Now a new option for HIKE is available – attachable airbag for extra protection. We have what you need to get you in the air. It's the most cost effective, simple and accessible form of aviation available. From light-weight Wani Light 2 ». £399. The Vibe has a stability system (ABS) in two orthogonal plans. Check out the top selection of paragliding harnesses available in the USA. AdventureToyStore - Cloud 9 Paragliding Adventure Toy Store - Cloud 9 Paragliding 12665 S. Comfortable, stable, efficient and although it may not seem possible, single-surface. The paraglider is then pulled gently into the wind, which causes the canopy to inflate. So when AKFIG Paragliders invited us to try tandem paragliding at Sitio AKFIG, Brgy. 22. Perfect for hike-and-fly! Results 1 - 13 of 23 Skydiving, Paragliding & Hang Gliding Harnesses & Flight Suits SupAir Everest 3 Harness S/M The Lightest Harness for kiting or Hike and Fly Supair Radical 3 Airbag / Back Pro ONLY for Paragliding B BogdanFly is the lightest paraglider harness ever! Very light. The large variety of paragliding harnesses from the world best paraglider harness manufacturers, for all levels of paraglider pilot, from an entry-level open harness to pod harness, hike and fly and vol biv harness or the very best in the competition harnesses. Tweet. Discover the 8 best ultra-light cocoon harness on You love hiking? The following paragliders, harnesses, reserves and accessory will meet your requirements. com : Supair Everest 3 Ultralight Harness for Kiting or Hike and Fly Excursions (S/M Kiting Harness for Ground Handling a Paraglider - Paramotor PPG Training - Carabiners Included #1 Best Sellerin Locking Climbing Carabine 22 May 2019 Skywalk Paraglider, Harness and Reserve (2) It's what lets you fly – pretty Red Bull X Alps 2021 athletes FRA3 Laurie Genovese hiking  PRODUCTS; Gliders · Harnesses · Parachutes · Rucksacks · Clothing · Accessories · Merchandising · PDF Downloads. 3:22 The biggest outdoor dreams demand the best tools. See full list on flyozone. Permits and conservation fees. I flew the Oxygen 1 for a couple hundred hike and flies, super comfortable and durable harness, however the pack size is super limited. Many in stock. Nothing can talk you out of a great day of flying quicker than the thought of lugging a beast of a glider uphill. Harness weight – 980-1550 g, protector weight – 370 g Best-seller. S; M; L. Hike ’n fly, re-imagined The Yeti 5 represents a significant departure from the Yeti 4. The official retail price will be 1590 euros, and it is expected to Our favorites paragliding harnesses brands. Ultralight models (1. It is ideal for hike & fly pilots of all levels, or anyone seeking lighter equipment. Maligo Polomolok fly site, I readily said “yes!” Oct 28, 2020 · The sporty and elegant Connect Race Lite can be used as a comfortable cross-country paragliding harness whatever your plans. CUSTOMERS; Disclaimer · Cookie policy  14 Nov 2014 Selecting the Best Weight. It's also great fun to crank up in small thermals, thanks to the low aspect ratio and a new, flatter 3D planform. There is a lots written about this harness on this forum, and all seem to very happy with it. Oct 25, 2018 · Advance Xi, the new EN B lightweight glider, and the Lightness 3 harness make a perfect match for Hike & Fly and vol bivouac flight. Converting from harness to the comfortable and well-appointed backpack is simple and fast, with the harness stored in a compact configuration inside the back pocket. It is perfect for coastal play, great for hikes and  The hike and fly market trend has created an offer of ultralight pod matching Xcountry flight A cocoon made with paraglider fabric will last no longer than an X-Alps (may be less). You might spend hours in it, or have to carry it for hours during hikes. This harness without seat board provides a large rucksack capacity to carry your flight equipment. With a fun take off in between. 5kg Hike is the ideal harness for Hike & Fly, travel and speed riding. Mountain paragliding harnesses, for hike & fly. A strength-rated belay dog harness that opens up areas that were previously difficult to access, while providing an increased level of safety, comfort and convenience. Sector Race 2 page. The GTO LIGHT 2 is the best you can find for Hike and Fly and Cross Country. Bastienne learned to fly paragliders in 2008, around the famous site of St. Winelands BIG mountain Tandem Paragliding experience with your personal instructor. Pilots Fly Above All Gear Store catering to all your Air Sports needs: Paragliding, Speedflying and Paramotor. It fits like a glove and you will forget you’re even wearing a harness! Ozone Switch harness. Extreme designs aimed at climbers and mountaineers now weigh under a kilo! As a bonus you will stay fit. Hike & Fly 2021 independence - a brand by Fly-Market Flugsport-Zubehör GmbH & Co. MORE INFORMATION Aug 06, 2016 · A paraglider can have a “passenger” using a tandem harness and “wing” or canopy that allows it. This makes it ideal as a first or leisure wing, besides hike ’n fly and true mountain use. Hike is a light and comfortable reversible harness without seat board. • Speed-bar integrated • Simple and sturdy buckle system • Better load distribution 1. LIVE THE JOURNEY A harness designed for you – wherever you want to go. 05. Nov 22, 2020 · Icaro Apus Lightweight Hike and Fly Reversible Paragliding Harness Lightly Used. May 12, 2017 - Explore Edward Tcherkasov's board "paragliding harness" on Pinterest. Importer for Advance, Gin Gliders, Kortel, Nova and SupAir. com Imagine a paragliding pod harness with a full foam protection, carbon seatplate and ergonomic backpack weighing less than 4.